Cookie policy

Cookie Policy

Neuromagic uses cookies and similar technologies to analyze the activities of users who visit the website and to provide customized services and advertisements for each user.

1. About Cookies and similar technologies

Cookies are a function that stores users' browsing information. The information in the cookie allows you to identify which browser you are accessing a site from, but it cannot identify you personally.

There are two main types of cookies: "1st Party Cookies" set by Neuromagic and "3rd Party Cookies" set by third parties affiliated with Neuromagic.

By continuing to browse the website, you consent to our use of cookies in accordance with this Policy.

You can refuse the use of cookies by setting your browser to stop the use of the "3rd Party Cookie" providers. However, please note that if you decline, you will not be able to receive some services.

2. Purpose of Cookies and similar technologies

Neuromagic uses information collected through cookies and similar technologies to analyze the usage status of our website and improve the website and its services.

In addition, the collected information may be provided to third party tools affiliated with Neuromagic, and may be used for distributing advertisements to users.

Neuromagic uses the following third-party tools:

(1)Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an access analysis tool provided by Google Inc.

(2)Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a tool provided by Google Inc. that centrally manages tags for various tools.


HubSpot is a marketing automation tool provided by HubSpot, Inc.

(4)Twitter Button

Twitter Button is a tool for embedding a Tweet Button provided by Twitter, Inc.

(5)Facebook Social Plugin

Facbook Social Plugin is a tool Facebook, Inc. provides to allow us to embed Facebook buttons like the "like" button on our site.


AddThis is a tool provided by Oracle America, Inc. for embedding social buttons.


SurveyMonkey is an online survey tool provided by SVMK Inc.


Herp is a recruitment management tool provided by HERP Co., Ltd.


Typeform is an online survey tool provided by Typeform.


Hotjar is a site analysis tool provided by Hotjar Ltd.


Buffer is a social media management tool provided by Buffer, Inc.

(12)SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a SEO management tool.

3. How to disable cookies and similar technologies
(1)How to disable all cookies

You can disable cookies by changing the settings of your browser. However, please be aware that if you disable cookies, you may be unable to use some website functions or pages may not be displayed correctly.

Please refer to the links below for instructions on disabling cookies in popular browsers:

(2)How to refuse cookies of specific tools

If you want to stop providing information for each individual tool, please refer to the following URLs. However, please note that if you refuse cookies, you may be restricted in using the products and services provided by each company.

Major Tool Providers